Lee cómo Dianética está causando cambios positivos en la vida de las personas.
I uncovered very significant incidents from my past. These had been recorded in the unconscious part of my mind. I felt amazing relief after clearing away the negative emotions these incidents held in place. Then by auditing another, I gained the ability to help others advance toward their full potential and happiness.
This experience was something brand new for me—being the auditor and also experiencing the feelings of being a preclear. When I re-l ived some of my childhood experiences I understood where my engrams had come from. I have now made peace with my past from those issues and I have learned more about myself. I also gained a greater understanding of other human beings and the inner battles that we all can have. I am now more aware than I was before doing the seminar. —Jose G
I realized that I had carried my parents’ ways of expressing themselves, their behavior and mannerisms over into my own life and relationship with my boyfriend. As I was receiving the Dianetics auditing I realized that I had taken on my parents’ personalities—going from being my mom to being my dad and back and forth. Most importantly I uncovered the reason why. It was almost as if I had been trying to relive or feel what they felt in my own life and relationship in an effort to try and make their experience a better one. I realized that I should just be myself. I feel much lighter and have gotten rid of a lot of negative charge attached to childhood feelings and experiences. —Ana G
I wanted to introduce my husband to Dianetics and Scientology and the Dianetics Seminar was a great way to do this. We did the seminar together. My biggest win was when my husband relived the moment when our first son was born. At that moment, I could see my husband transform in front of me, glowing with happiness. He realized that doing and receiving auditing is very simple. That I could actually help my husband be that happy brought us very close together and we felt more affinity for each other than we already had. —Mina M, Dentist
Que es Dianetica?
Las experiencias dolorosas de nuestro pasado, tienen claramente un efecto en nuestro comportamiento actual. Pero ¿en qué medida, y por qué?

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